Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support Training

We have been successfully delivering this training since 2009, across a wide range of services within both the public and private sectors.

We are accredited with the two main awarding bodies for this training – The British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) and the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM). This allows us to teach the physical skills which may sometimes be necessary to escape from a threatening situation, or to keep a person from harming themselves or others. Our approach to training, however, is based on working in ways which prevent distress-based behaviours from occurring, and which de-escalate situations before they reach the point of aggression.

In keeping with our philosophy of delivering training which is bespoke to the customer, we, therefore, talk to you before any training is delivered, to the extent of carrying out a full training needs analysis. We like to find out what the particular needs are around preventing aggression within your service, talking to a cross-section of stakeholders. We will then design a classroom and/or online theory programme which is tailored to your exact needs, and blend this with a bespoke programme of the latest physical intervention skills if these are required.   

We firmly believe that staff need to be fully informed about causes of distress, including clinical issues such as pain, or difficulties with processing information. Research has shown that when staff do not have this information, then they are likely to leap to negative conclusions and respond accordingly.  If you engage us for other forms of training, particularly inductions and clinical training, we will therefore ensure that your Positive Behaviour Support training is a natural progression for your learners.