Moving & Positioning Training


Moving and Positioning

Acumen Care Education is a leading provider of Moving and Positioning Training and is the ‘go-to’ provider for many large public and private sector organisations.

We are able to come to your service and deliver 1-day Moving and Positioning courses, for both new starters and staff requiring refresher training. This is accompanied by comprehensive online theory training, which can be made specific to your needs

Much of the theory around Moving and Positioning, such as supporting legislation and ways of preventing injury, would be the same within all services. The same would be true of many of the practical skills that staff need to develop and maintain.   It would therefore be very easy to assume that this training is fully generic, requiring a simple one-size-fits-all approach.

At Acumen Care Education, we recognise that every individual who receives a service is different, and every service therefore has unique training needs.

If you engage us for this training, we will therefore gladly talk to you beforehand about your needs, and we will insert these into the online theory course, along with your relevant policies, if you would like us to do so