Our Free Training Needs Analysis

Free Training Needs analysis

Our whole ethos at Acumen Care Education is to provide training that is rooted in the needs of the customer and the people who they support. We, therefore, analyse a customer’s needs before designing a program of training and then agree before delivery, a bespoke training plan for you. 

We offer three levels of analysis

A free 30-minute basic Question and Answer session:

We simply run through some questions about the people who use your services and what staff training they would benefit from, what staff feel they need from training, and what managers and other stakeholders would like to achieve from training. We also discuss formats for the training, and whether one delivery method is required or a blend of different methods for different types of learner

A free in-depth discussion of training needs, with a complimentary report:

This would take about an hour of the manager’s time, in which we would confidentially discuss the needs of individuals being supported by the customer’s service, staff and other stakeholder expectations of the training, recent inspection and commissioning feedback which can feed into training, along with any factors which may influence what training is delivered, using what method.

This type of analysis is often a requirement of inspectors and commissioners, and you will receive a complimentary report from us once it has been carried out. There is no catch to this. We will offer you our products where we feel we can provide a bespoke service, but there is no obligation for you to use us once the report has been completed

A Full Quality Audit - £445 + VAT

Acumen Care Education has several experienced managers among it’s team. We are able to offer you an audit where we use questionnaires and interviews to gain information from individuals who use the service; families, friends and advocates; other professionals who work with your service. We then produce a full report containing qualitative and quantitative information about ongoing quality at your service and recommendations, with an integral Training Needs Analysis