Elderly Care and Support

Elderly Residential Support

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Bespoke Online Courses

We can adapt the content of the course to your specific needs, including the addition of your own policies and paperwork


Where we deliver face-to-face training via a video link, incorporating electronic activities

Classroom Training

Where we meet your staff for traditional face-to-face training, with your own requirements again built into the course


Some of the more in-depth courses are available as 2-hour sessions with groups of 3-5, either face-to-face or delivered electronically to a range of smart devices

As medical care and preventative treatments have improved over the years, people are living longer and more fruitful lives. When elderly people develop health difficulties which are associated with ageing, many are now initially supported in their own homes, receiving care from staff who work for domiciliary care services. This is undoubtedly a good thing as people remain close to family and their communities. Familiar environments are also essential for people who are living with the effects of early dementia.

This move to home-based support has had an effect on residential care for the elderly, which remains essential for people whose health conditions become too severe to remain at home. When the time comes for a person to receive residential support, it is now more likely that they have been living with a health condition for some time, and that the condition may be at an advanced stage when they are admitted to a residential setting.

This calls for a knowledgeable, skilled and person-centred approach on the part of support staff. They will need to understand about the person’s condition, in order to have empathy for them, and also to be able to report signs of relapse or deterioration, enabling early intervention. More importantly, they will need to quickly develop a knowledge of the person’s unique needs, including their communication preferences, their likes and dislikes, and things which may help to keep them contented and settled.

Acumen Care Education are therefore developing a series of courses about generally working with the elderly, alongside courses which specifically inform the learner about conditions which can affect the elderly and person-centred ways of helping to alleviate these conditions. As always, we discuss and analyse your training needs with you before delivery, and do everything to meet your specific requirements. 


We offer a Range Of Elderly Care and Support Training The Can Be Delivered To you in a number of ways

Course TitleClassroomWebinarTutorialBespoke Online
Continence Promotion and SupportYYXIn Development
End of Life Care YYYIn Development
Introduction to Common Health Difficulties in the ElderlyYYYIn Development
Introduction to DementiaYYYY
Pressure Area SupportYYXY
Working with People who live with DementiaYYYIn Development