The Ultimate In Flexible And Adaptable Healthcare Training

We recognise that every learner is different, and that the needs of every service are different. Many of our courses can be delivered in several different ways, and we can offer you any of the following – either as a single training approach, or in combination with each other

Traditional Classroom-Style Training

We are quite happy to attend your service, or a local training facility, in order to teach on any of the topics listed throughout this website. Many people prefer this style of learning, and we use all of the teaching methods that the classroom allows

Online Training

We take an innovative approach to online training, by tailoring the content to your needs. For example – we offer Safeguarding training which will cover all of the required knowledge, but we also recognise that vulnerability mean different things for people living with different types of need. We therefore include these needs within the training

Webinar Training

This allows trainers and learners to meet face-to-face without the need for travel or a venue. We use the latest technology to make this approach interactive


 If it suits our customers, we can hold shorter sessions in different subject areas in small discussion groups, either in person or via webinar.



We respect every learner as an individual professional, and we respect every workplace as having unique training needs

Above all, we respect that the outcomes of our training must always be the people who your service supports.

If you decide to engage us for training, we won’t simply provide a list of off-the-shelf products – we talk to you about what you actually need, and then prepare your training programme accordingly.

We then couple this training with the ultimate in flexibility, delivering it in the classroom, through bespoke online training, via webinar, or through small-group tutorials


We believe that the outcome of our training should be the enhancement of the lives of the people who our customers support. Our core values are therefore:

We consider everyone who works in health and social care to be a skilled and knowledgeable professional

We treat every learner with the respect that they deserve. Learners have unique expertise regarding the people who they support. We are always prepared to learn from our learners

We know that support workers gain the most important expertise that there is, as they get to know people as people. Our aim is always to provide the skills and knowledge to enhance this relationship

We always listen to the customer before we provide, in order to provide the knowledge and skills that their staff members need

We ensure that our training reflects the most current practice in every field of health and social care

We have expertise within the training team to train effectively within many specialities, and we have access to a number of specialist consultants. When necessary, we will consult with experts from particular fields to ensure that our training reflects current and best practice

We treat every learner as an individual and ensure that we use a range of teaching methods to treat each learner’s needs

All of our trainers have a qualification in Level 3 Education and Training as a minimum, which equips them with a number of different training approaches which appeal to all types of learner.

We believe that our training should be adaptable to the unique needs of every customer

Every service is different, and we will always make every effort to adapt to the needs of each workplace, through conversations with managers, staff and users of the service